When Life Gives You Lemons

The famous saying of 'When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade' is to encourage optimism and a can-do attitude.

Not always in life can you run with this much energy and passion for daily life, however I read on social media the other day that the point which it is the most scary to jump ship and take a life change is the point you should. That's just what I did.

Comfortable with my grad job in industry, in the thriving SW London, I knew I needed something a little closer to home (without the hefty £6k train fair). As a creative sometimes it is hard to feel like you are doing your job right everyday, a lack of creative energy one day can mess up your whole week, you are also having to constantly keep on trend with your outputs and with such a fast pace in the Fashion industry this can sometimes be even more of a challenge.

This was my scary jump and I had to go with my gut.

Those who also do more than an hour commute to work, whether that is on the train, in the car or on the bus will know how much time you get to yourself and with your inner thoughts. The trend of people going back to working freelance is also spreading the nation. Our generation are determined that they will not work the general 9-5 as our parents generation did. This is also because jobs are changing there are more within social media, marketing and the creative sector and also because people are either hustling for both or just choosing to be their own boss. The third reason is said to be because of the pay gap in some industries.

Life will always show opportunities, but it is your choice whether you take them or not. You can do it, even when it feels scary. You just have to go with your gut!