The Daily Grind Vs. The Hustle

Whether your day consists of the daily grind or the hustle, either one is hard work. Even more work to have a side passion project but yet we still do it!

The daily grind of 9-5 is said to be a safer option financially however with the gender pay gap creeping into more and more industries it is becoming questionable. We all know that 9-5 is never just 9-5, there is the commute (for most of us) and also with most jobs a lot of it now comes home with us. So is this one of the reasons more and more people are going back to being freelance and their own boss?

Having a hustle of freelance is great, you have control of your work, you are your own boss, you can choose you hours (perfect for early risers and night owls), but it does come at a cost. No holiday or sick pay, no pension scheme, no company perks and also it isn’t always 100% financially secure. So why are people reverting back to it?

As humans we all like to have complete control of our lives and how we work. This is why passion projects and side projects are emerging once again. We have also gone back to wanting to support the small business and local trade, fed up with big corporations rinsing us for our money. Community spirit is on its way back and it is bigger than ever!

Whichever you choose there will be pros and cons of both styles of work, only you can choose which suits you and your way of work.

So Keep going babe, you’ve got this!