Who You Know

We are often told that it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. This is the case with a lot of situations these days. Networking can help this massively.

Which ways as a creative are the best ways to network?

Step 1 - just to chat to people you meet, shop owners, market traders, instagrammers, bloggers and even friends of friends. 

Step 2 - create a relationship with these people - you’ll need them in the future 

Step 3 - join communities. Some great ones for females are:

 thecovengirlgang.com - the coven. A networking site

 shereemilli.com/tag/ladies-lit-squad - ladies lit squad. Book club. 

likemindedfemales.com  - LMF. Events, networking and community 

I found these when researching for my Ma project & they are all such lovely networks to be a part of and support. 

Girls supporting girls is such a beautiful thing. 

So why should we network? I hear you ask ... well. Why not should be the first answer. If you want to build a community of women around you who are strong ass boss ladies then do it. Go along to events, talks and meet ups. It may seem scary but once you’re surrounded by such a strong network you won’t look back. 

#Sisterhood at its best