Into the Twenties

A New Year always means new resolutions - this time a new Decade also! Into the Twenties. I have always wished I experienced the roaring twenties & I hope this decade brings back some of the fashion, trends and styles that I loved about it so much.

#Goaldigger is a term that has slipped its way in, and this year that term will be included in a lot of my resolutions. Did you complete the 10 year challenge which has been taking over social media?

As we enter a new decade I pledge Ten New Year resolutions:

1. Stress less & work less

2. Keep myself fit & healthy (one of the usual ones for most)

3. Spend more time with family

4. Travel & explore the world

5. Work hard & save for a house (still in line with No.1)

6. Set goals for my passion projects & network more

7. Launch my magazine & self publish it

8. Continue my freelance work & do more work with charities

9. Set challenges for myself

10. Enjoy my twenties & the twenties

Happy New Year all - Here is to a new decade!