That's so Lit

What a year! How are we already nearing October?

As the saying goes, ‘A well read woman is a dangerous creature’ - But what is wrong with that?

A female only book club, who only read literature written by women authors. Based in London a monthly meet up is a great reason for socialising as well as discussing that
month’s book.

Founders Sheree and Steph host wonderful meet ups to discuss the literature and be social with one another. It is split into two groups and although the main reason is to analyse and give our opinions on the books from a feminist point of view, there is also a social aspect which creates such a friendly atmosphere for all who attend. The book club meet ups are held at All Bright in London, an all women’s members club. With members within the book club from such varying jobs and career paths it creates a diverse view and opinion on the reads.
A book each time is provided to all members for the following meet up. Also for those who aren’t members, each book is announced on social media so they can read along with the groups.

Often the meet ups included author talks about the books and their thinking and concepts behind them. Authors such as Katie Lowe, Saskia Vogel and Anna Hope to name a few. These are a fabulous opportunity to gain a personal insight into the world hidden within the stories

I hope to be lucky enough again at Christmas to be able read my way through the year, discussing it with these lovely ladies.