A Commuters Life: January

Cold weather and delayed trains are never a good combination in the mornings. This however is something that commuters are too used to.

With more and more people and companies working remotely from home, will the commute be dead one day? I often use my hour commute to check up on work for the day, make a mental list of my to-dos. Also time to relax and just watch the world go by.

January is often the worst month for commuting. Weather, post Christmas break and the start of the new year. When you mention to others you commute, they often look at you like you’re crazy.

Plugged into our own little worlds of music, news and social media we are all on our own journeys to the place we spend the majority of our day. The train becomes our office as well as extra bed. By the end of the month the lighter the mornings make an easier commute. Powered up with the coffee sold by the worker your see every morning, a routine of 9-5 can often become monogamous, but something we get used to. (Mixed with the cheap station coffee - unless your’e a lucky station with a starbucks).

Jealous eyes as we reach stations closer to the city, knowing that those boarding have had an extra half an hour in bed, but also pleasurable thoughts that you have one of the few table seats. Those which most commuters race onto the train for like a battle of the quickest, with the table being the prize.

A commuters life isn’t a lonely one. However it is a cold one in January.