Freelancing Life

Many of us know this all too well. The life with so much work on at once you can’t cope, then weeks of nothing. Is there really any benefit to freelancing?


1. You are your own boss. This is a massive bonus at times. Being able to choose your hours of work by how you feel that day. 9-5 doesn’t work for everyone!

2. You can (usually) work from Home. A lot of us are able to keep a strict routine of work hours (with very little trips to the kitchen for a biscuit..). Others of us rent a studio or office space t just “get out of the house”.

3. You can pick and choose which projects and work you take on (most of the time). This is the nice part where you can again be your own boss and only work for the clients you love.

4. A lot of small companies trust in you. These are usually your main clients who trust you as well as get a better rate than if they were to pay an agency for the work.

5. You are the main person/only person you client sees (most of the time). Again the trust and client relationship can be grown here, plus it’s nice to work for and with people who you like.


1.  You aren't guaranteed money all of the time. In the majority of freelance positions there isn't a set wage each month you can count the days down to. Some weeks are packed with work and income, others aren't. That is the risk you take.

2. There is only you (in majority of cases). Sometimes people forget this and your dream 'working for yourself' job turns into a 24/7 role.

3. Working on your own a lot of the time is quite insular. This suits some people however for most, getting out and having a conversation with someone is the best thing ever! Even if it is just the worker in Tesco.

4. Sometimes you have to take on jobs which you don't agree with/like. This is the same as any job, you can't always work for and with companies which you like, share values with or are excited about the work. It pays the bills at the end of the day, and we ALL have those jobs.

5. You often get people asking you to do work for 'free'. Just because they know you, and you (in most cases) are working for yourself. This is overcome with knowing your worth! This is a major problem with creatives, because a lot of people assume it is 'Easy' to do and not worth paying your daily/hourly rate.

There are an equal amount of positives and negatives to working freelance. These are obviously based on the stereotypical 'freelancer' and there are lots more for both sides of the debate. However I always live by one of my favourite quotes....

"Fall down ten times. Get up eleven".

Just keep going! With whatever you do. Do what you love, and don't let anything stop you.