Vintage Gems of Margate: Peony Vintage

In the past 10 years there has been an influx of businesses popping up around the town. Majority of which owned and ran by women. With this has come a presence of womanhood. The aim to stop clothing being thrown away, and instead reused and recycled - to gain a new home and life. The ethics surrounding throwaway culture has a big importance to me, I also love the vintage scene and retro side of Margate.

One shop that stands out amongst the others, glistening pink and brightening up the town is Peony Vintage on King Street. Georgie, opened this gem two years ago. At the time working in social care, and loving the vintage scene on the side. Working full time and opening at the weekends she realised that her heart lied within the vintage world. Her mum was a singer while growing up which meant she spent a lot of time in dressing rooms in theatres. In awe of the costumes and surrounded by beautiful vintage patterns and prints. What clothing has the same style and colourings on it these-days?

Margate, a seaside town in Kent known by fishermen as the limb of Dover. Historically the go to summer paradise for holiday makers, but also where Mods and Rockers brought gang violence in the 1960s.

So what is the importance of womanhood? and how do you feel being a business woman of Margate? 
“Being one of the many business women of Margate feels empowering, exciting and scary. A journey to travel on with the other strong women who are not only my friends but business partners. The support you receive from men and women is huge. There is a presence of freedom and being able to be who you want to be. The LGBT scene is growing and that allows us all to be equal in what we do. This obviously sits near womanhood and allows women to feel at home in their own town.”

Margate as an area has a lot of business women starting their own empires, the jewellery made by Georgie from acrylics are inspired by 1960s hoops. With Margate beach being one of the most nostalgic, the retro beach essentials sold here such as sunglasses, fans and Mary Quant body suits you can get pretty much all you need for a sunny day out, just like people did 30 years ago.


Instagram: @peony_vintage

12a King Street,