It Really is a Small World

There are moments in our lives where we all think the same thing. Wow, it’s a small world.

This happens to me a lot, one of these moments was at my pop-up event held in Peony Vintage, Margate. At this pop-up I was assisted by my friend Saskia acting as my seamstress. The event aimed to challenge the way we see our identity and voices. Using our voices is very important, and as women we have found this out a lot in the past.

The labels at the event act as agency of voices for the clothing. The concept plays on the user wearing it sewn into their garment and it is there as a reminder to them how wonderful, powerful and strong they are. A little reminder sometimes is all we need to make us appreciate everything we have.

When I started my Masters degree, I did not thing for one minute that by the end of the one year course I would be meeting hundreds of wonderful and inspiring women. Holding interviews, creating something so small and simple that would be sewn into their clothing and inspiring others.

The support I have received for this project really does prove that there is a change happening within the female world. A change that makes evidence the presence of womanhood and sisterhood. Also the change in equality, along with all of the women that have been backing this, I have also had a lot of men who have agreed and backed the project on social media.

I once read a quote which I used on my dissertation by Sheryl Sandberg (2015, Lean In: P.6)

“a truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies and men half ran half our homes. I believe this would be a better world.”

I discovered one of my favourite designers/instagrammers (sophie Ward) who I started following when  I bought a card from the Museum of London of hers which said ‘Woman Up’. This links to the ‘Man Up’ culture but reverses to focus on feminism. I loved the card at the time and framed it and shared it on my feed. One of my “small world” moments was at this point when I realised that Sophie had gone to the same university as myself, and also was a massive supporter of the 100 years campaign about women’s votes.

At the event one lady came in with her family, looking fab and was keen to support the project. Unfortunately at the time of the event I didn’t get time to get her details to email her back. A while later I followed one of my favourite and inspirational designers/instagramers with the project page. Out of this follow came a message about how Sophie was the lady who had come in with her family but didn’t have time to get back. Social media really is great when it comes to marketing and raising awareness.

As part of my kickstarter if we reach the goal, a % of my personal funds will be donated to Girl Plan by Plan International. 

This is an extremely important fund that supports women and girls in situations that we are all so lucky not to be in. It also provides them with essentials that they need like sanitary products and toiletries allowing them to concentrate on the more important things in their lives.

I have also started supporting Hey Girls - Which I speak about in my other post on the Period Poverty, I hold a subscription for my monthly needs. Despite what everyone thinks about these companies, to me it is easier - they are delivered on a day of your choosing with a time period that can be adapted as much as you like. Hey Girls also give one pack to a charity and a girl who needs sanitary products but cannot afford it, when you buy one pack. They are also made from eco cotton same as TOTM - Which I have also used in the past. Not only is better for you, but also the environment. Less plastic produced and used in the world.

Buy One Give One. 

That one pack they give on your behalf not only feels good but gives that relief to one girl that they do not have a worry about their period.

My kickstarter campaign for the patches to be made is nearly at it’s end. With seven days to go, and just £43 to raise, I believe we can really do this. Please share to aid this and help them get put into production.

Each pledge of £3+ will receive 1x patch. 

The world really is a small place. Appreciate and listen to those around you. Supporting each other will create a much better place to live, work and be.